Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is one of the best photograph arranging programs available. It is anything but a photograph altering programming like Adobe Photoshop, however it has a few apparatuses for altering photographs.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2

What Lightroom is about is helping you sorting out your assortment of photographs and it has some extremely incredible assets for that. It likewise has integral assets for taking care of RAW photographs and you should wind up utilizing only Lightroom to change your RAW photographs, similar to my self.

Is Lightroom just for RAW shooters? By no means! You despite everything need to compose your photographs and that is the motivation behind Lightroom.

There are other photograph sorting out projects available, as ACDSee, Picasa, Aperture, Capture One and others, yet this site will just concentrate on Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom and it shouldn’t be that hard to make sense of which one I like…

Lightroom isn’t freeware however you can download a free preliminary rendition from Adobe which you can use for 30 days to choose whether or not it’s something for you.

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Prologue to Lightroom

Lightroom comprises of 5 distinct “modules” or parts and you can choose module by tapping on them in the upper right corner of the Lightroom window. You may likewise utilize alternate ways for every module.

Library module

The Library is the place you compose all your photographs. How much time you spend here is altogether up to you, yet the additional time you spend on arranging your photographs, the simpler it will be to locate that unique photograph.

Lightroom utilizes two significant highlights to sort out your photographs – Keywords and Collections. Which one is best relies upon what sort of photographs you shoot and how you will utilize Lightroom.

I utilize the two Keywords and Collections yet I lean toward Collections.

The bigger the assortment of photographs you have, even more motivation to utilize the two catchphrases and assortments.

Aside from arranging your background removal by catchphrases and assortments, you may likewise rate and shading name your photographs. I attempt to rate all photographs however scarcely never use shading marks.

Create module

This module is tied in with altering your photographs. You may do some altering in the Library module, however it’s in the Develop module the force lays. Here you can tweak White Balance, Sharpness and substantially more.

A great part of the work that you have been doing in Photoshop or different projects, should be possible in the Develop module. At any rate as long as it has to do with altering your photographs. Genuine photograph altering/control despite everything must be done in different projects.


This module is allows you make slideshows of your photographs. It will make a slideshow of all your photographs in the “filmstrip”. It resembles Powerpoint, however with substantially less alternatives, apparatuses and power, yet it may be amusing to play with.


The print module is tied in with printing your photographs. On the off chance that you do print a great deal of your photographs, you may discover this module enjoyable to play with.


From this module you’ll send out/distribute your photographs to a landing page on the Internet. You don’t need to know a thing about HTML to make an extremely pleasant landing page with Lightroom. This module has very parcel of alternatives to play with and should give you much delight.

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