How to Write Beautiful Music – Some Tips

If you are a aspiring musician and watch American Idol, you may get demotivated–some from the good musicians get tossed out like burnt hotcakes!

Do not lose heart. Here is how to tap into your internal self and write beautiful music.

1 . First, the actual music you like. Is it rock and roll, country, blues or traditional? Then follow the great singers of that genre and find typical themes you like–maybe it is the lyrics, or it is one particular device like harmonica.

2 . Now, study the lyrics and also determine how music transcription were set to music. Usually there is a main control yourself.

  1. Now, determine which you would like to be. There are 4 creative roles in creating music. You can be a vocalist, instrument player, lyricist or a composer.
  2. At this point, until you are confident you can do it yourself, i. e. satisfy your desire to be a musician, get a music teacher. With regard to vocalists, I suggest a voice control professional. For a lyricist, obtain someone who has published his or her lyrics. For composer, best individual to teach you is some one who not only is a music composer but also music arranger–these are professionals who understand the feeling or theme behind the lyrics and pick the specific instrument or orchestra to display that theme or sentiment.
  3. Once you have a finished product, get it recorded. Nowadays you can do it cheaply with a small recording studio, or perhaps a home based recording professional who has the recording devices and a audio room.
  4. Do not go for complex rhythms or scales–just because someone else can master it, it does not mean you are able to, at least not on your initial efforts. Hear Beatles, Moving Stones and Mozart—all use very simple main refrains, along with limited notes to write and sing their music.

Most importantly, do it with passion or don’t do it at all. Songs is intensely personal. You may love it, but others might not. You have to keep improvising until you connect with your audience.

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