Roll Up Trade Show Displays Are Great For Board Meetings

Intro video into a board meeting, not quite sure what or how to get you’re point across? Or knowing fully well, you weren’t quite sure how to capture your vision and sell your marketing strategy. Ever felt that sinking feeling, after getting rejected by the board members? Don’t you feel there should have been a better representation of your ideas; something to show for all those hours you spent pondering over ad campaigns and marketing plans? Role up trade show displays are the answer to all those problems.

Wouldn’t it be great having a streamer image in front of you to illustrate and showoff your next ingenious and money making idea? Here at the San Diego Graphics Company, we offer all kinds of roll up displays, whether they are for trade shows, comic book conventions, presentations, shops, buildings, hotels or even travel agencies.

Roll up displays are easy to carry, portable and light weight. This means, you won’t have to hire freight carriers or moving vans to transport your business projects from place to place. You can just carry your roll up banner along with you wherever you go, saving money on all those unnecessary transport charges.

They’re extremely simple to use. They don’t require any sort of tools or setting up gear. It takes hardly a minute to set them up and they’re ready to roll. We at the San Diego Graphics Company will also provide you with a handy carry case for transporting it wherever you would like to.

If you’re not sure about what kind of style you would like, we provide a wide range of graphic designs to choose from. We make your custom designs, just the way you want them, not compromising on quality. Our service will always deliver you your roll up display on time.

Another great feature about our roll up trade show displays is that you can change the graphics but use the same hardware required for the banner. This is a good cost cutting method of using roll up displays for multiple meetings.

Here at the San Diego Graphics Company, we make Roll Up trade show displays on low priced, cheap rates but at the same time making sure we’re not compromising on quality. The billed amount will include, charges for the hardware involved, the printed artwork done. Roll up banners come in three different types. The regular single sided roll up banners cost around $550 dollars, with the hardware priced at $200 and the rest charged for printing. The double sided roll up banners which are more frequently used these days, if you really want to impress your boss and fellow board members, are priced at around $750, of which $500 charged for the printing. The San Diego Graphics Company brings to you an extra large roll up banner for those really important life changing board meetings. They cost an estimate of $725, cheaper than the double sized roll up banners. These banners come in sizes, 33.5″ x 80″, 33.5″ x 78″ and 47″ x 80″ respectively.

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