Cartoon Animation in Adobe After Affects

Adobe After effects is that the professional cartoon animation tool of the movie television and film business. After effects (AE) also has a great deal of plugin softwares which even enhance its functionality to another level. I found this skill of AE when I was hoping to make simple animations animation videos to post them to Now that I have AE 6.5 but was looking for another item which can make animation videos easily. Which means for a 1second movie, that you need to draw 29 or 25 or even 15 photos.

Then when people (29, 25 or 15 photos ) are displayed per second foundation you can see a moving picture.The movie industry has more innovative tools which assist them create those 25 images of movement for a 1 minute film. Imagine the amount of images necessary to make 5 minutes of picture: 25x60x5 = 7500 pictures. It really is a quite difficult task drawing all those pictures taking care to make a smooth motion from these pictures (pics). That’s the reason why a cartoon movie costs big money to produce.

As we saw above, to make a cartoon picture sequential drawings of movement are necessary. And to accomplish this you need to see your preceding picture as a reference so you might know what changes you can make on the current picture. There is a drawing pad used for such purpose in which the 1st image is visible when you are performing the 2nd. This way you are able to make the adjustments in the drawing of the next image. This way you can easily do your cartoon readily. The principle is that you need to have a reference of this former picture when you’re drawing on the present image.Here is the way you create your cartoon with following effects. Open AE and create a brand new composition (composition > brand new ).

Then make a solid (layer > new > strong ). Apply vector paint from the effects and preset window by dragging and dropping the impact to the solid from the timeline. Ensure it is appropriate size. From the vector paint menu beneath brush settings > playback mode select jojoba skin in the drop down menu. And click options. These figures indicate the amount of observable consecutive pictures above and below your current drawing.Then start drawing your picture in the format that you need 15 fps or over or below. Here notice that AE won’t allow more than one undo so take care if you make your drawing.

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After you do your very first picture click on another frame in the time controllers menu that’s located in the mid right section.Then begin doing your second picture. Here you Can observe that your very first image is considered a Background. So use that as a reference to generate the necessary changes in the 2nd picture. When you create the 3rd picture the 2nd one becomes a background and so on. This way it is possible to animate your animation and play it back to review. Now, this is the fundamental idea and you can add your imagination by adding background graphics and other effects to make it more attractive. Moreover, you may check the current model of AE. There may be much more advanced tools that assist you much more. To know more visit the official website

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