Is it true that you are Telling Yourself These 10 Audio Production Lies?

Falsehood #1 – I Don’t Need Acoustic Treatment

Indeed, you do. I’m sorry to break it to you, however you truly do.

Do you let yourself know, “I needn’t bother with acoustic treatment since I blend at such low levels?”

All things considered, lower levels help fend the reflections off partly, however shouldn’t something be said about the occasions you need to wrench up your blend to perceive how it truly sound?

fix your terrible audio

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Falsehood #2 – I’ll Fix it in the Mix

No you won’t. Particularly if your source sounds horrendous in the first place. You can just blend an awful chronicle up to a specific level. It will consistently kind of sound average. Extraordinary source sounds and chronicles will just bring about better blends. Fix it at the source and get it extraordinary from the beginning.

Untruth #3 – Compression Can Fix This

On the off chance that you see pressure like some wonder solution for a weak kick drum sound or an un-even low pitch guitar, you’re mixed up. Pressure can’t generally fix anything. It can make things sound better, punchier and increasingly agreeable. It won’t fix a previously broken chronicle. Pressure can’t fix it, however it can make something cool considerably cooler.

Untruth #4 – Nobody will see this Edit

Better believe it, they will. Particularly if it’s a lost drum hit, or an off-rhythm harmony play. Music cherishing individuals will see when something isn’t right with the music. They’ll see your terrible alters.

Untruth #5 – It’s Probably in Tune

Likely isn’t sufficient. You must be certain beyond a shadow of a doubt it’s in order. Simply have a go at recording a guitar part over a somewhat off key bass. It’ll sound awful, trust me. Ensure your instruments are in order.

Untruth #6 – We Won’t Go Over the Budget

You most likely will. That is the reason spending plans are gauges. They generally don’t hold over the long haul. Likewise, on the off chance that you disparage the measure of time required on a particular instrument, you will definitely use up all available time, and over spending plan.

Untruth #7 – Reverb Will Make Everything Sound Bigger

Huge reverbs can positively make things sound large, yet they can likewise jumble everything up. Curiously enough, shorter reverbs or postpones make things sound greater, not the reverse way around. Enormous reverbs have their place, yet don’t believe it’s the best way to make your blend greater.

Untruth #8 – Louder is Better

No. Simply no. In the event that everyone is shouting at you simultaneously, you won’t tune in to anyone. Try not to attempt to make the most intense record ever. Have confidence in your crowd. They will turn up your music on the off chance that they need it uproarious.

Falsehood #9 – An Hour is Enough to Edit Drums

Dreary errands like altering can take for eternity. Try not to dispense an unreasonable time span to an errand you know is going to take longer. Drum altering ALWAYS takes longer than you might suspect.

Untruth #10 – Better Gear Will Make My Recordings Better

At last, better apparatus won’t improve your accounts. Your abilities improve your chronicles. Try not to figure a superior EQ will make your EQ ‘ing aptitudes better.

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