Water Soluble Oil Paints – Facts, Tips & Why I Use Them


We have all been instructed that ‘oil and water don’t blend’. In any case, rules are made to be broken in craftsmanship and water solvent paints are revolts on the scene. In any case, your shrewd psyche is most likely despite everything contemplating, “In what capacity can oil painting conceivably be water solvent?”

The appropriate response is this: The oil vehicle has been adjusted to make it dissolvable in water, disposing of the need for turpentine or different hazardous solvents to thin paint and clean brushes and different supplies.

There are still some painting idealists who question whether these colors are genuine oils, yet I guarantee you they are. Truth be told, I have been effectively executing my canvases utilizing water dissolvable oils with proficient outcomes for more than 10 years. I made the smooth progress from acrylics to the new oils in my home studio so my family and pets were not presented to lethal exhaust. With a receptive outlook and a brief period testing, you may likewise appreciate the advantages of water dissolvable oils. Underneath, I will put forth a valiant effort to advise you regarding this astounding paint from my very own understanding and with a little assistance from the in fact useful book, “Painting with Water Soluble Oils,” via Sean Dye.


Water solvent oil offers more noteworthy comfort and expanded availability. Particularly to individuals with sensitivities, home studios, understudies, schools and the individuals who have kept away from oils on account of the harmful solvents.

  • Water solvent oils smell incredible, much the same as customary oils!
  • Linseed oil is contained in both new and customary oils.
  • Water solvent oils are genuine oils. They are water mixable, not water-based.
  • The new oils were created to be utilized with water in the spot of turpentine, mineral spirits or different solvents!
  • The vegetable drying oils have been rebuilt in water solvent oils which dispense with yellowing.

Like customary oils, water solvent oils must dry through oxidation – engrossing oxygen through the air. When dry, they are much the same as some other oil painting and ought to be treated accordingly.

Like customary oils, water dissolvable oil works of art can’t be reactivated with water when dry. New water-mixable mediums have been produced for water solvent oils: fast dry mediums (my top pick), stand oils, painting mediums and impasto mediums, linseed oils and alkyd mediums. Customary oil paints and mediums can be added to the new oils in modest quantities of up to 20%-30% and still hold water solvency. Modest quantities of customary oil shading can be added to these new paints influence the shading or consistency.

The new shades mix and blend amazingly well

At the point when the new oils are blended in with water, it might on occasion show up to some degree shady until the water vanishes. In spite of the fact that I have perused this grumbling, it has not been my involvement in these oils.

The quick drying mediums take into consideration a lot of time for mixing yet at the same time make over-painting simpler and quicker.Radiant, straightforward coatings can be made by utilizing the water-mixable mediums. Rich, hazy darks are anything but difficult to accomplish.

Water-mixable linseed oil medium makes the new oil increasingly straightforward.A stacked brush of conventional oils spreads a lot more distant than a brush stacked with water solvent oils. This doesn’t influence the vibe of the completed piece, just the real work of art process.Water solvent paints produce crisp, brilliant, solid shading. It is simpler to abstain from making ‘sloppy’ shading.

The new oils are simpler to tidy up

Those with constrained or no involvement in conventional oils change in accordance with water solvent oils all the more rapidly. Contingent upon how thick you paint, the water dissolvable oils hold their flexibility and usefulness for as long as 48 hours.The new oils absence of the reflexive appearance of customary oils, however a last varnish is a brisk method to reproduce the brilliance of conventional oils.


Take care while drying your newly painted new oil or customary oil artistic creations. Stay away from dull or sodden regions to forestall obscuring or yellowing that is brought about by the linseed oil.

Water dissolvable oil paints are ideal for movement, particularly on planes. Numerous aircrafts limit customary and combustible solvents on business flights. Dispensing with the requirement for unforgiving solvents makes water dissolvable oils simple to pack for painting on the spot whether via vehicle, plane or horseback.

The plein air painter can save paint on the palette for significant stretches of time without the paint drying out. In any case, completed artistic creations dry more rapidly than conventional oil artworks which make these new paints considerably progressively attractive for the plein air painter.

The previous summer, I utilized water solvent oils during my plein air painting workshop in France. I painted on canvas sheets which made my investigations of Provence light and simple to pack for movement. Previously, I have additionally utilized 300lb watercolor paper with two layers of gesso.

Acrylic gesso ought to be utilized as the beginning ground for water solvent paints to guarantee legitimate bond. For studio works, I want to paint on hardboard or Masonite boards for a smooth and unbending help, however I do utilize canvas and material on occasion.

Hoard bristles are useful for under-artistic creations, yet don’t let them sit in water or they become soft. I regularly utilize manufactured fiber brushes for huge regions. For fine work engineered watercolor brushes function admirably.

The new oils will remain water dissolvable after these particular mediums are utilized. Having said that, I have discovered that it is better not to blend water in with the medium since utilizing water makes the mediums clingy and the paint doesn’t stream as no problem at all. When I start to include the oil medium, I for the most part desert the water aside from brush cleaning between shading or temperature changes. A couple of drops of linseed oil on the palette reestablish the paints to their unique serviceable structure.

All oil paint ought to be applied fat over shelter forestall splitting

Use water to thin the new oils for laying in washes. Develop the sleek layers after the under artistic creation is dry. The new oils will remain water solvent after the particular water mixable mediums are utilized.

Much the same as with standard oils, the new paints can be set down in many smooth slender layers, called roundabout artistic creation or can be applied in a thick wet single layer called direct or alla prima painting or everything else in the middle.

Drying time is longer when a great deal of white color or Naples Yellow is utilized.

The dull entries in water solvent oils in some cases ‘sink’ and do not have the lustrous appearance of a conventional oil painting. This is handily helped by a last varnish. I favor Max Artists’ Oil Colors by Grumbacher and Artisan Water Mixable Oils by Windsor and Newton. The qualities of these brands are steady with their conventional oil shading partners. The two of them utilize the entirety of the customary shades in their lines including cadmiums and cobalts. These paints convey splendid, iridescent straightforward coatings and rich, puzzling misty sections to my work.

Holbein’s Duo Aqua Oil has a fairly firm consistency which makes them perfect for painting with a palette blade directly from the cylinder. The Van Gosh H2Oils have a gentler consistency that is like acrylic paint. They are ideal for detail work without the requirement for including mediums. Nonetheless, for palette blade work, impasto medium is prescribed.

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I use non-dangerous Turpenoid Natural on difficult to clean brushes in any case; “Day break” dish cleanser carries out the responsibility. Infant oil is additionally a decent more clean, trailed by cleanser and water. After, a little oil jam conditions the sweeps back to their unique shape. Scouring Alcohol and an extremely sharp edge keep my glass palette new for the following composition meeting. To know more visit the official website http://bit.ly/2x3Hoti

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